The Smallest Chalk Artist


This is the Toddler-istic art style that most young artist begin with. It is the easiest form to master and the finished work is usually met with high praise and hung in a coveted spot in the kitchen. Seldom if ever is the artist criticized for drawing outside of the box ….so to speak.

Another photographer and I saw this image transpiring before us at the same time. I asked the father of this little girl for permission to take the picture and moved to the same vantage point as the other photographer. I noticed he had a mid-range zoom, mono-pod and also an oxygen bottle and lines running to his nose to help his breathing. He stood and made his image while I bent down and took the shot from a lower point of view. Afterwards I commented to my wife that the other photographer was on oxygen and that he did not let his breathing issues stop him from following his passion. That is the great thing about photography you can still participate in it within your limitations and still produce wonderful works and feel fulfilled.

NIKON D50, AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D, 50.0 mm, 3.5, 1/200, 200