The vagabond

'Io vagabondo che son io,
vagabondo che non sono altro,
soldi in tasca non ne ho ma la su mi è
rimasto Dio'.
(Vagabondo, I Nomadi)

Street artists: Swedish Linus Lundin aka YASH

Aside from the impressive complexity and near realism of his murals (using mainly just spray cans), His works usually draws inspiration from people, animals and their bodies. Light, colors and emotion play a central role in his work as well as a love for shapes and simplicity.YASH’s characters with their baby-like big heads, possess so much emotion that you can’t help but stare and wonder..
Snösätra Hall Of Fame
Rågsved, Stockholm

Canon, Canon PowerShot G15, 6.1-30.5 mm, 6.1 mm, 2.8, 1/800, 160