Russian ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya

The classical world of Ballet meets the colourful modern world of street art.

Brazilian Eduardo Kobra is best known for his massive-scale, brightly coloured murals infused with bold lines that often portray some of the most iconic people throughout history. Kobra usually spends a lot of time in museums and libraries exploring the city’s history before he starts a new work. After he gets an idea of the history of the location, he chose an old photograph that evokes a sense of memory and nostalgia for the local community. The technique of using bright colours and repeating squares and triangles allows him to bring to life the famous people portrayed in his works.

When he visited the Bolshoi Documentation Center of Moscow in 2013, he fell in love with an old black and white photograph of Maya Plisetskaya, one of greatest dancer in the history of Russian ballet. From this photo he created a massively-scaled portray of Maya Plisetskaya on a wall of Moscow. Today this mural is a true memorial in honor of the Russian dancer who died in 2015 at age 89.

Moscow 2017

Canon, Canon PowerShot G15, 6.1-30.5 mm, 6.1 mm, 2.8, 1/800, 160