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Old Pfefferberg Brewery

In the 19th century the "Bairischbier Brauerei Pfeffer" on the road to Pankow (today Fehrbelliner Strasse / corner Schönhauser Allee) consisted only of a small brewery with a cellar and a beer garden with wooden pavilions where beer was served. After 1851 the brewery changed hands many times, expanded and was converted into the seat of Prenzlauer Berg district department (1922), a chocolate factory (1934), and a bakery. In 1949 the owners were expropriated and the area became “property of the people.” Until 1972 there have been various administrations, a cultural centre, stores, and a public kitchen. The beer garden was in active use throughout. After 1973, the Prenzlauer Berg district communal administration of housing controlled the large building complex. By 1991 all 21 buildings stood under monumental protection, and with financial support of the Land Berlin since 1999 the entire area of the former brewery belongs to the “Foundation Pfefferberg”. In recent years, the renovated Pfefferberg became a modern centre for cultural, commercial services, and social institutions with a theatre, galleries, event halls, restaurants, a small brewery, and a hostel.